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Lighting and Atmosphere: Five tips for lighting up your home!

It definitely goes without saying that having lights in your home is important. But as much as we need them, it can be difficult to find the right kind of lights that match your home’s decor, flow with the rest of your house, and most importantly brighten up your day. Here at Wood n Tassel, we’re happy to illuminate you on how to pick the best lighting for your home!

  1. Know your room

The most important step is looking at a room and figuring out what kind of lighting it absolutely needs. For example, a bathroom should have bright, clear lighting by the mirror so you see well while you shave or put on makeup. And in the kitchen, the counters need to be lit up so you can see what’s cooking: dim lighting can set a nice mood, but it doesn’t fare well when you’re chopping vegetables! So remember the functions of your room and where to light things up. To sum it up, here’s where either bright or dim lights are best used:

Bright lighting needed with: office desks, bathroom mirrors, kitchen counters, etc. 

Dim lighting is better suited to: bedrooms, lounging areas, dining rooms, etc. 

  1. Set the mood

After picking the essential spots to light up, you have free range on what kind of lighting you want to use! The best thing to keep in mind is what sort of ambience or mood you want to set. It’s not surprising that lighting can actually have a huge effect on how you feel. 

For example, bright lights can be mentally stimulating, while dim lights create a calming atmosphere. Similarly, red and yellow-tinted lights have a warm and comforting air, and white or blue tints can make you feel extremely energized. It’s up to you to choose how you want each room in your house to look and feel! 

  1. Sense the style

Probably the most exciting part of setting up new lighting is choosing what style fixtures you want. There are all kinds of appliances in every aesthetic, from rustic lamps to regal chandeliers. At Wood n Tassel, we have an amazing variety of lighting fixtures to suit your fancy. 

This modern ceiling light has a sharp geometric pattern, with the bulb resting beautifully at the center. It would look great as the centrepiece of a living room, or to set a good ambience in a dining room.

And this chic lamp might be just what your room is looking for! A hollow metal base with carefully crafted shape and pattern, and the wide lampshade gives a room a pleasant, soft glow. It would be great for the cozy corner of a reading room or on the nightstand of a bedroom.

  1. The technical side

As much as we wish we could put up a chandelier anywhere in our home, unfortunately, technology still has its limits. That’s why when you’re deciding what kind of light fixture you want you’ve got to keep in mind where the electric systems run in your house. For a lamp that means something as simple as finding an outlet, but for a wall or ceiling light fixture you’ll need to make sure you have the electrical wiring going to the right places. If you don’t have electricity running where you want them too, contact an electrician or contractor and they can help get the energy flowing where you need. This tip might seem a little obvious, but it can be easy to forget when you get lost in looking at all the beautiful lighting fixtures out there. 

  1. Saving energy 

One final tip to keep in mind when choosing the right lighting fixtures for your home is knowing how much electricity your new appliances will use. Don’t install more lights than your house (and bill) can handle: remember that one well-placed light will do more than several lights just scattered anywhere! A skilled electrician can help you install new appliances in the best places, and they’ll be making sure that the right amount of electricity is going into your fixture. And it’s always smart to use a low wattage light bulb whenever possible to save on energy and to save on your next bill!

Finding the right light fixture can really change the ambience of your home. So don’t be afraid to see things in a new light and what’s right for you! If you’re looking for more tips on how to light up your world, contact our team at Wood n Tassel, and we’ll help you find exactly what you need!

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