Tanner Dining Table- Round


Tanner II 48″ Round White Marble Top Black Metal Base Dining Table
The Tanner II is an elegant dining table featuring a spectacular, round marble top braced by an iron pedestal.


The Tanner II is a unique dining table featuring a round, chamfered-edge top that is meticulously cut out from premium, white-toned Banswara marble. The smoothly polished marble top is large enough to seat four and also exhibits captivating natural variations. In addition to the regal top, the Tanner II also flaunts a cylindrical, solid iron pedestal finished in a gunmetal grey tone that not only holds the top in place and guarantees stability but also adds to the visuals of this prudently designed dining table. With elegant visuals that are a result of the harmonious blend of stone and metal, the Tanner II makes for a spectacular addition to any dining space, especially ones based on the Enduring Elegance design style.

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CBM 1.1327
Product Size (Inches) 48.0L x 48.0W x 30.0H
Weight 200.00 lbs
Box A Size (Inches) 54.0L x 6.5W x 54.0H
Box A Weight 41.90 lbs
Box B Size (Inches) 28.0L x 26.0W x 31.0H
Box B Weight 163.00 lbs


  • 48″ Round Dining TableMeasuring 48″ in diameter, the Tanner II is designed to cater to a party of four.
  • Exquisite FinishFlaunting a juxtaposition of materials and finishes, the Tanner II is a striking piece that features a natural white-toned marble top braced by a gunmetal grey toned base that looks gorgeous.
  • Iron Pedestal BaseMeticulously crafted from premium stone and braced by an iron pedestal, the Tanner II is a substantial piece of furniture and is built to last for years to come.
  • Premium Marble TopThe Tanner II features a premium, Banswara marble top which is guaranteed to elevate your dining room.
  • Enduring Elegance Inspired DesignThe shining marble top and the classy metal base beautifully unite, making the Tanner II the perfect fit for an elegant area.
  • Easy AssemblyThe Tanner II follows an easy assembly process which means it is ready to turn heads in your space shortly after it arrives at the door.