Sovereign II Cream Fabric Seat and Wood Frame Accent Chair


An architectural piece, the Sovereign II Accent Chair is a piece that exudes calmness and utter relaxation. This modern chair is the perfect accompaniment to bright and coastal décor. It is upholstered in a textured oatmeal-color fabric that drapes the plush cushion seat and seat backing. Fall in love with the solid rubber wood frame and the way it arcs around the back of the chair; be sure to take note of the expertly applied gray antique wash over the light brown wood. It really is all about the angles with this chair, from the right-angled arms to the plush cushioned seat that tilts ever so slightly for optimal comfort It is a lovely piece, suitable for both home and office use.

Sovereign II Cream Fabric Seat and Wood Frame Accent Chair
A charismatic accent chair, designed with comfort and durability in mind, and built from solid rubber wood
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Product Size (Inches): 28.3L x 34.8W x 29.5H
Weight: 70.55 lbs
Box Size (Inches): 28.3L x 29.1W x 32.3H
Box Weight: 88.18 lbs

What we love about it:

  • Marvel at the structural design of the chair, which will create interest in any office or home space
  • This is a chair that exudes comfort and relaxation
  • Beautiful oatmeal-colored fabric adorns lovely, gray-washed rubber wood