Silas Dining Table


The dining table is like the heartbeat of the home. Silas is here to uplift, brighten up your dining aesthetic, and bring the family together with its 8-person seating. Crafted from solid white oak with a whitewash finish, we let this dining table speak for itself. Oh-so-natural with knots, grain patterning, swirls, and beautiful coloring ensures that no two tables are exactly alike. This contemporary modern classic features an airy base and long tabletop design that will gently fit any dΓ©cor style, open-plan dining rooms, or country-style kitchen. This item is also availableDisplayed at our Morgan Crossing Location in a smaller, round design, ideal for condo or small-space living.

Oak Walnut
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  • Dimensions: 76″W x 36″D x 29.5″H
  • Weight: 101lbs




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