Isla Oval Dining Table w/Light or Dark Brown Wood Top & Arched Legs
The Isla Dining Table is crafted from solid mango wood and finished in a light, neutral or a rich dark brown stain with an oval table top and two arched legs.
Dark Brown Light Brown
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CBM 1.6584
Product Size (Inches) 86.5L x 39.0W x 30.0H
Weight 162.00 lbs
Box A Size (Inches) 89.0L x 42.0W x 4.5H
Box A Weight 132.00 lbs
Box B Size (Inches) 26.5L x 6.0W x 32.0H
Box B Weight 61.00 lbs


  • Dimensions86.5L x 39.0W x 30.0H
  • MaterialsSolid mango wood in a light brown stain
  • Contemporary ShapeThe artfully crafted oval table top is complemented with flattering arched legs.
  • Seats 6
  • Knock Down


The Isla Dining Table is made of solid mango wood in a light, neutral brown finish. This tasteful masterpiece boasts an inviting oval tabletop and gracefully slender arched legs, showcasing its captivating curvature as a defining attribute. Designed to comfortably seat six, the Isla Dining Table embodies a substantial yet inviting aesthetic, where graceful lines and impeccable construction converge to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for your dining experience.