Emslie Dining Table- White Marble


Emslie III 30″ Round White Marble Top Black Metal Base Dining Table
The Emslie III is a bistro table with a white marble top and metal base. The height of the top is adjustable from 30” to 41”.


With a gorgeous, round marble white top, the Emslie III is a beautiful looking bistro table. The ritzy looking top is affixed to a decorative gunmetal gray cast iron base with crank wheel height adjustment. The Emslie III’s height can be adjusted from 30” to 41” as per preference and seating choice. The crankshaft and mechanical gimmicks of this table not only contribute to functionality but also add to the look making it a great addition to your cozy, industrial-style space.

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CBM 0.4572
Product Size (Inches) 30.0L x 30.0W x 31.0H
Weight 110.00 lbs
Box A Size (Inches) 36.3L x 8.0W x 34.3H
Box A Weight 73.00 lbs
Box B Size (Inches) 25.5L x 6.0W x 29.5H
Box B Weight 46.00 lbs


  • 30″ Round Dining TableThe Emslie III is 30″ round and is designed for a party of two.
  • Premium Wooden TopThe Emslie III features a luxurious, circular wooden top that exhibits a natural variation in its brown color. This makes every piece slightly unique.
  • Industrial Inspired BaseFeaturing a round top braced by a three-legged, industrial-inspired iron base that is equipped with a crankshaft, the Emslie III is truly unique in terms of design, blending unexpected materials and colors to elevate your space.
  • Industrial Inspired DesignFeaturing decorative crankshaft and mechanical accents, the Emslie III looks amazing in an industrial style space.
  • No Assembly RequiredThe Emslie III arrives pre-assembled means that it is ready to be a head-turner in your space shortly after it arrives.