Effloresce I

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Dimensions: 1.5 W X 24 H X 20 L (in)
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Dimensions: 1.5 W X 24 H X 20 L (in)


Step into a world of timeless beauty with this captivating shadow box. Its rosewood-colored polycomposite frame exudes an air of refined elegance, while the linen-matted background provides a subtle, textured contrast. At the heart of this piece, delicate dried flowers, lovingly preserved, take center stage, their warm white finish adding a touch of ethereal grace. Encased in glass, this botanical marvel is shielded yet still on full display, allowing you to admire the intricate details up close. Measuring 20″ x 24″, this shadow box is a testament to the enduring allure of nature’s artistry. For those seeking a harmonious aesthetic, a coordinating counterpart is available for separate purchase, offering the opportunity to create a captivating display that transcends time and trends